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Product List

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer JS1000

Main Specifications

Total Power
69 hp, 380V, 3- Phase 50 HZ
Main Motor
50 hp
Hoist Motor
15 hp
Water Pumping Motor
4 hp

Capacity (unmixed)
1600 liter / 56.64 cuf
Capacity (mixed)
1000 liter / 35.40 cuf
Capacity per hour
50 cum / 1766 cuf
Mixing time per batch
70 sec.
8750 kg

Shipping, Delivery & Maintenance

40’ container can be loaded with
1 complete units
Delivery time
3 weeks after confirmation of the order
The mixer should be cleaned after work every day, kept lubricated at all points where grease caps have been provided every week.
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