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Builders Gantry Hoist

Classification of Builders Gantry Hoist

PBH300 mini electric wire rope hoist with trolley, PBH500 portable building site lifter with Honda petrol engine


1. The builders gantry hoist can be used in factories, mines, agriculture, electric power, construction building site, dock and warehouse for installation of the machines, lifting the cargoes, loading and unloading the trucks.
2. The product we produced is in compliance with the national standard.
3. The design of builders gantry hoist is reasonable,
4. The materials are of good quality,
5. The structure is advanced.
6. The appearance is beautiful and the size is compact,
7. The weight is light; the hand pull force is small and parts have high strength, big tenacity. All these make the mini electric wire rope hoist with trolley safe and durable.
8. The products are popular at home and abroad.
9. It can be compared with the famous brand product in the world

Operation and Maintenance

1. On installing the builders gantry hoist, check that when lifting cable is fully unwound, at least three coils remain on the cable drum. These last three coils must never be unwound.
2. Take great care to prevent the lifting cable overlapping during lifting. Winding and unwinding must occur in a regular way with the cable correctly aligned and correctly tensioned.
3. For correct use and maintenance of the internal combustion motor, you must carefully follow the instructions reported in the manual supplied by the manufacturer.
4. It is strictly forbidden to:
(1) Stand or walk under the operating area of the portable building site lifter;
(2) Cause dropping of materials;
(3) Attempt to lift loads which are not located directly below the builders gantry hoist.
5. Make sure the following points of the builders gantry hoist are checked at least twice a month:
(1) Fixing of the bolts, gantry, ballast and anchorages;
(2) The supporting base has been installed correctly and is perfectly horizontal;
(3) The steel lifting cable is in good condition;
6. If adjustment of braking system is necessary please following these instructions:
(1) If malfunctioning is caused by rapid wear of the break linings, the user must slacken the lock nuts 1 and 2 and adjust the screw in order to place the brake shoe nearer to the brake pulley and re-tighten the lock nuts.
(2) If braking is still insufficient after the previous operation, increase the springs pressure by screwing the nuts 3.

Specifications of PBH300 Mini Electric Wire Rope Hoist with Trolley
Max Lifting Capacity
Lifting Speed
Wire Tope Size
Max Lifting High
AC 220/230/240 50/60Hz
Motor Weight
Motor Size
540 x 505 x170mm
Total Weight
Balance weight(by user)
3450 X 1630 X 650 mm
20GP/60 Unit
40HQ/130 Unit