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Series GP Grout Pump


Combined bolting and shotcrete can improve the stability of rock-soil and solve complex geotechnical engineering problem by taking advantage of its own strength and self-stabilization. Combined bolting and shotcrete can’t do without grouting. The design and construction has more and more requirements on the cement slurry, which is strictly regulated by various kinds of construction specification. General grout pump is hard to meet these requirements.
Our company has developed new-type of grout pump with proprietary intellectual property rights which has the advantages of high pressure and mass flow by adopting worm supercharger technology and absorbing advantages of similar products. This hydraulic grout pump has solved the problem of how to deal with mortar cement ratio and grouting pressure; at the same time, the grout pump is equipped with ejector to spray the bottom and finishing coat of interior and exterior.
Our hydraulic grout pump can be widely used in highway construction, railway tunnel project, city subway project, etc.


This grout pump adopts unique structure to avoid the problem of hard to grouting and it is also very safe and high efficient. The features of the machine are as follows:
1. Easy operation and maintenance, high reliability.
2. The hydraulic grout pump is equipped with rabbling mechanism which can improve the work efficiency by stirring and grouting at the same.
3. Wheel type design is easier to move.
4. The grout pump has a wide range of water cement ratio, which is very suitable for high concentration cement slurry.
5. The machine can continuously grout to avoid strong instant pulsating pressure.
6. The pump has the function of long-range control, which is able to remote operation in the range of 10 meters.
7. Our company is an experienced construction and engineering equipment supplier inChina. Our products have gained the CE certification.

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Main Specifications of the Grout Pump


slurry producing amount

1500/2500 L/H
1500/3000 L/H
5000 L/H
5000 L/H
motor power

4 KW
5.5 KW
7.5 KW
7.5/3.0 KW
size of sand grain

≤3 mm
≤3 mm
≤5 mm
≤5 mm

pressure of grouting

2.5-4.0 Mpa
2.5-5.0 Mpa
2.5-6.0 Mpa
2.5-6.0 Mpa
transportation distance
40(cement mortar)M/80(cement paste)M
(sand-cement slurry)/80 (grout)
50(cement mortar)M/80(cement paste)M
(sand-cement slurry)/80 (grout)
60(cement mortar)M/80(cement paste)M
(sand-cement slurry)/80 (grout)
60(cement mortar)/80(cement paste)M
200 M
200 M
volume of grouting

180 L
220 L
overall weight

320 kg
520 kg
external dimension

1360×580×800 mm
1400×650×900 mm
1300×670×900 mm
1460×800×930 mm
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