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Underground Diesel LHD Loader

Underground Diesel LHD Loader (Underground Diesel Scooptram)


This underground diesel LHD mining machinery wheel loaders can be used to shovel, load and transport the loosen materials in mine and well. The diesel underground loader (LHD) can also be applied to the tunnel engineering in railway, highway, and water conservation project, etc. It is especially suitable for working under the hostile condition, such as narrow, low-rise and muddy working places.


This underground diesel LHD mining machinery wheel loader adopts America DANA converter, power shift transmission and drive axle, integrate parking brake and working braking in one system to simplify braking system. SAHR brake (spring applied and hydraulic released) enables a much safer operation. Bucket adopts V structure and reduces shovel resistance.

Main Configuration Diesel Underground Loader (LHD)

1. Diesel Engine

Manufacture: DEUTZ
Model: BF6M1013EC Made in Original German
Rated Power: 165KW/2300RPM
Cooling System: Water-Cooled,turbo-charged
Exhaust System: Exhaust conditioner silencer and purifier.

2. Hydraulic Torque Converter of Underground Diesel LHD Mining Machinery Wheel Loader

Model: C270
Type: Single grade of two-element, with hydraulic drive pump

3. Power Shift Transmission

Model: R 32000 Series
Type: Power Shift
Gears: 3

4. Drive Axle of Diesel Underground Loader (LHD)

Model: 16D
Type: Front axle: NO-SPIN, Rear axle: Posi-Torq

5. Braking System of Underground Diesel LHD Mining Machinery Wheel Loader

Components: Service/Parking/Emergency brake
Features: Service/Parking/Emergency brakes are spring applied, hydraulically released type (SAHR),with fully enclosed, multiple wet discs at each wheel end.

6. Hydraulic System

Components: Servicing system, steering system, braking system, fill oil system, cable system
Feature: The work steering pump, steering pump, multi-directional control valve, conversion valve, charging valve and foot valve are all made by Parker Mico, etc.

7. Tire

Model: 17.5 × 25-20TT L-5S
Pressure: Front: 680 KPA Rear: 580 KPA

8. Others:

Hydro-cylinder: Self-made, the grease oil adopts imported combined seal
Blade: Hardness >HB500

Scooptram View:

Parameter of Underground Diesel LHD Mining Machinery Wheel Loader


Main Dimensions:


Weights &Axle Loading Weight:

Bucket Capacity(SAE Heaped):
3 m³

Rated Loading Capacity(SAE Heaped):
6000 KG

Machine Weight:
17200 KG

Driving Speeds Forward and Reverse:

First Gear:
0~4.7 Km/h

Second Gear:
0~9.4 Km/h

Third Gear:
0~18.4 Km/h


Max. Discharging Height

Min. Discharging Distance:

Discharging Angle:

Wheel Base:

Leaving Angle:

Rear Axle Oscillation Angle:

Min. Off-ground Clearance:

Max. Gradeability:

Max. Traction Force:
128 KN

Max. Shovel Force:
103 KN


Max. Steering Angle:
± 38 °

Min. Steering Radius:
Inner: 3720 mm
Outer:6480 mm

Diesel Engine
Driver’ Cab
Front Frame & Working Part
Rear Car
Rear Cover
Central Articulated
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