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Automatic Concrete Wall Plastering Machine

Main Features

1. Automatic concrete wall plastering machine can plaster the roof completely and it’s able to stop at any position to add ash, which avoids the problem of ash splashing.
2. This machine can guarantee the perpendicularity of the wall through its features like changing the plaster board, rising the large angle, declining and sharpening the small angle.
3. By using hydraulic telescopic rod, you can fasten the automatic cement plastering machine in less than 10 seconds. That’s the fastest and easiest way.
4. The width of the plaster board is designed on the basis of the door for freely getting in and out of the room.
5. There are two miniature vibrators behind the plaster board, so you needn't worry about the quality of plastering the wall.
6. Automatic concrete wall plastering machine is equipped with omni-directional wheel so you can move it anywhere you want.
7. Its ingenious design makes it much better than manual work.

Unique design of safety

1. Automatic cement plastering machine refuses to startup before changing the angle of pressing plate, which will avoid damaging the scraping board.
2. If the motor reverse, it will cut the power automatically to protect the wire.
3. If the machine got stuck when descending, the machine can cut the power automatically to avoid damaging steel wire rope.
4. After long time exposure in the outside, the wire will become crisp. So if it broke, the machine will get stuck.
5. All the accessories are from the most popular companies in the world. We can guarantee the high quality, high efficiency and strong technology of our automatic concrete wall plastering machine.

Technical Parameters

ITEM: CWP-1000
Voltage : 220V 50Hz-60Hz
Power : 1.75 Kw
Dimensions : 1000 × 700 × 650 (mm)
Stucco height : 2050-3400 (mm)
Stucco width : 1000 (mm)
Carry out height : 2050 (mm)
Stucco thickness : 5-25 (mm)
Weight: (set ) 185kg

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