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Concrete Block Moulding Machine

EBM03 Concrete Block Moulding Machine


Egg laying block moulding machine is a moving block machine with high quality with the characteristic of electricity saving and less labor costs. The machine is especially suitable for small factories or families.

Advantages of Concrete Block Moulding Machine

1. Do not use the clay as raw material to avoid destroying the field.
2. Making use of three industrial wastes to change wastes into valuables.
3. Not using fire to bake blocks and not building kiln to save energy source.
4. No waste gases to pollute the environment.
5. Simple production process.
6. Low investment and high return. Customers can profit in half a year after investing.
7. The block can be produced all year round.
8. Technical criteria are better than those of red brick and green brick
9. Diesel engine driver without pallet

Egg Laying Block Moulding Machine Daily Production: 3500~4000(8 hours)

Size of Moulds
10×20×40: 7 Moulds Per Press=3500 block per day(8 hours)

15×20×40: 5 Moulds Per Press=3500 block per day(8 hours)

20×20×40: 4 Moulds Per Press=3500 block per day(8 hours)

Scene Drawing

Main Specifications of Concrete Block Moulding Machine

Rated time for per cycle (s)
Size of block pallet (mm)
Power source
diesel engine
single phase 220v
3 phase 380v
Total power (kw)
Total weight (kg)
Overall size(mm)
per hour (pcs.)
400×200×200 (hollow)
240×115×90 (hollow)
240×115×53 (solid)

EBM03/EBM5-10E Concrete Block Moulding Machine


EBM5-10E mobile brick machine is an egg laying type hydraulic operated concrete block making machine developed by our company based on foreign advanced technology and process, which has great advantage as follow.
1. Advanced Technology: The machine adopts several new technique, such as box excitation, hydraulic discharge, omnidirectional automatically movement.
2. High quality: the whole machine is made of high quality steel to maintain a longer life. The hydraulic system of the concrete block moulding machine adopts high-quality components to ensure its safe operation and durability.
3. Any type of concrete blocks can be produced with consistent quality.

Features of Concrete Block Moulding Machine

1. Independent walking forward and steering system
2. Custom-oriented second system to ensure the synchronization of the mold
3. All electrical parts use Siemens and Schneider Electric
4. No need to use pallet
5. 6 blocks each mould

Main Specifications

Model: EBM5-10E
Total Power: 10.4kw
Per Stroke No: 5pcs/9inch. 6pcs/8inch. 8pcs/6inch. 11pcs/4inch.
Capacity 8 Hours: 3200pcs/9inch. 3840pcs/8inch. 5120pcs/6inch. 7040pcs/4inch.
Cycle: 30s
Hopper Volume: 0.6 m³
Speed: 14.2m/min
Step Distance: 0.65 m
Overall Size: 1973×2224×1825 mm
Total Weight: 2400kg
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