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Wheel Loader


The wheel loader, which is also called front end loader or bucket loader, is a kind of most commonly used construction equipment or machine in the construction site. This machine is mainly used to load materials such as wood chips, asphalt, demolition debris, dirt, feed, gravel, logs, raw minerals, rock, sand, etc, as well as used for transporting building materials over short distances, such as bricks, pipe, metal bars, and digging tools. We have three types of bucket loader for sale.

Types and features

Features of Front End Loader

1. Large power reserve, fine accelerating performance, comfortable operation, wide field of vision
2. Wheel loader is multi-function, high-efficient and flexible engineering machinery.
3. Moreover, it can be equipped with many kinds of working attachments such as flat fort, multi-function bucket, and snow plow, so it may be used for loading and unloading, transporting, piling and leveling materials in various kinds of projects, mines, enterprises and city.

Wheel Loader ZL18

ZL18 wheel Loader is one of the series leading products made in our works that is well received both at home and abroad for its reasonable design, beautiful contour, and advanced norms by adopting of three-element torque converter, fixed-axle type power shifting transmission box, double-axle drive, hinged frame, all hydraulic steering, and clamping brake.

Wheel Loader ZL30

1. A central hinged frame, featured by small turning radius, flexible trafficability and excellent lateral stability, is convenient for operations in narrows sites.
2. The design of streamline form, by using the punching technology of combined molds, makes the overall appearance more attractive. And the cab, with large turning glass in front and rear, has good lighting and wide visual field.
3. An air-over-oil caliper disc type foot brake system, gas cut-off brake and emergency brake systems are available.
4. The hydraulic mechanical drive of the wheel loader can automatically vary speed with external resistance, so as to fully utilize the power of the engine, improve the overall trafficability, simplify the operation, and protect the drive parts and the engine.

Wheel Loader ZL50

1. The use of full-hydraulic steering, power-shift and hydraulic control to a working device ensures the light and flexible operation and stable and reliable movement.
2. Low-voltage wide-base engineering tyres, in the method of manual swing, have excellent cross-country ability and trafficability.
3. The working device adopts the pilot control, and the steering system by the method of load sensing coaxial flow amplification is light and flexible to operate.