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Tamper Rammer

Advantages of Tamper Rammer

1. Low cost for maintenance, reliable operation and durability make it the most economical tamper rammer in the market.
2. Compared with our normal plate compactors, the series vibrating tamper rammers are designed for compacting cohesive soils such as clay and slit in small repairing jobs and in narrow confined areas, such as trenches or housing sites
3. The machine can also be used on sand and gravel.
4. Topmac tamper rammers are designed to deal with tough site condition. The machine with excellent manoeuvrability is well balanced and easy to operate in trenches and around pipes. Additionally, every rammer is tested before it is released from the factory.
5. Our company is a professional plate compactors supplier inChina. Our products have gained the CE certification.


1. All our tamper rammers are driven by 4 stroke petrol engine, which has the advantages of easy to start-up, low noise, easy maintenance and less fuel consumption compared to 2 stroke engine.
2. Heavy duty throttle control provides more reliable and longer service.
3. Additional build in air filtration system plus the original air cleaners in the engine provides longer service life and improved durability.
4. The vibrating tamper rammer adopts integrated fuel valve for easy start-up.
5. Heavy shock mount system can reduce manual operation arm vibration and improve comfort.
6. Plastic oil tank maintains longer life.
7. Special protective frame for engine prevents any possible damage from tough job site
8. Special designed trolley kit for easy transportation
9. High quality German made polyurethane bellow offers a reliable lubricating system.

Types of Tamper Rammer

Typical of VR70S Specification
Net Weight
Impact Frequency
Impact Force
Traveling Speed
Jumping Stroke
Engine Model
Robin EH12-2D
Engine Power
Engine Fuel
pure Gasoline
Shoe Size
280×330 mm