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Tandem Vibratory Roller

Tandem Vibratory Roller (Double Drum Vibratory Roller)


Our compact tandem vibratory roller is mainly used for compaction of highway, municipal work, country road, stadium, sidewalk, asphalt surface, gravel, sand and other projects.


1. This double drum vibratory roller adopts articulated frame with reliable function, flexible steering, good stability and smooth compact.
2. The machine adopts fluid-link steering and hydraulic vibration to reach high efficiency and required degree of compaction.
3. There are scraper and spraying devices on the drums.
4. Compacting force of VR30 compact tandem vibratory roller is up to 6 ton.
5. Small turning radius and flexible drive make it possible to work in narrow job site.
6. Double drum vibratory roller is equipped with large capacity, anticorrosion fiberglass tank and electric pressurized sprinkler.
7. This machine is full hydraulic vibration and oscillation roller with double drum drive, close circuit, hydraulic steering, and power-sprinkling system.
8. Equipped with the imported engine "CUMMINS”, compact tandem vibratory roller has the advantage of strong driving force and great power reserves.
9. Drive and vibration/oscillation systems adopt international famous REXROTH brand hydraulic components which lead to high work efficiency and reliable function.
10. Double-drum vibration is adjustable by the electrical button according to the user’s requirement.
11. This machine has the crab-walking device, so the front and rear wheel change directions.
12. Double drum vibratory roller is equipped with the brake releasing device, which can help to move the machine when the machine breaks down.