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Site Dumper


Site dumper is mostly used for short-distance transportation of concrete, gravel, earthwork, coal, mineral and fertilizer in the construction site, water conservancy project and factories. The front axle of this machine is the engine and the rear axle is used to control the direction. The site dumper has the advantage of reasonable load distribution, excellent gradeability, good stability, flexible rear axle, and modest carrying capacity. Except for these, it can also used in narrow, bad road because it is compact and light weight, flexible, and easy to assemble.
TOPMAC is an ISO 9001 accredited construction and engineering equipment manufacturer inChina.

Types and application

Topmac 2 wheel drive site dumpers Series site dumpers offer reliability and simplicity for long, productive life.
4 wheel drive site dumpers adopt hydraulically operated skip with twin rams on standard skip.
Topall supply construction and engineering equipment including self-loading mobile concrete mixer. Our 4×2 or 4×4 self-loading concrete blender is equipped with reliable and fast technology including 180 drum slewing, front cab, shovel that closes by hydraulic mechanism, electronic weighing method, etc.


In order to meet the customer’s requirements, Topall improves the performance of the site dumpers by adjusting load distribution, transmission speed ratio, and relieving self weight. Hopper returning device, new seat, rainshed, electric starter and signal lamp are added to improve the driving condition.

Payment and Transportation

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